Tailwalk SILVERNA TAKI TZ 61 Limited

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We have several “SILVERNA” series for “AREA TROUT” fishing. This”SILVERNA TAKI TZ” is highest model in several SILVERNA. TORZITE GUIDE is attaching on ”SILVERNA TAKI TZ”,TORZITE is quite new guide ring with titanium flame from Fuji, it helps lightness and sensitivity so much. TORZITE GUIDE is so suitable for thin line also. Off course we set guides by K・R concept . We checked our SILVERNA rod again, adopt high modulus graphite material for rod blank which makes more sensitivity and lightweight, new grip design with our original metal parts at reel seat and grip end which helps not only sharpness design but also high sensitivity. We believe it is the supreme rod, it likes F-1 racing machine.
Misura 6'1'' CW 1-4gr